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Carl Sagan, a Brilliant Skeptic

In this great “cult for skeptics and rational people”, we can sometimes get lost in our search for rational explanations and good data. Here we will create a ‘Resources’ page for you to turn to in order to find information, or other skeptics to discuss your questions with:

Meet Other Skeptics:

In Real Life:
If you’re looking for that special someone, but would like to be able to talk about ideas and concepts without rolling your eyes, then simply state in your dating profile that you’re searching for a fellow skeptic. Going through life with someone intelligent is a wonderful experience. Some of the good dating sites:

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Online Communities:

These are communities where you can discuss ideas and concepts with fellow skeptics. It’s difficult to parse out “intellectually curious people interested in exploring ideas without ideological nonsense getting in the way” from “cynical a__holes”, but that comes with practice:

Image Credit: Carl Sagan, Wikimedia