How to Tell If News Is Fake News

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Fake news has real life consequences. They influence politics and even businesses. Recently fake news has been hitting different platforms. They are spread by news websites and even social platforms. People craft news in such a way it looks correct and spread it. People get into the fake news and make decisions; they realize it was fake when it is too late. False news can affect your life in different ways.

The Costs Of Making Websites Keeps Coming Down.

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You can make a website that looks like semi-professional news website for only a few dollars in the domain registrations and hosting costs. You can use a 35% off discount to make costs even more miniscule. As a result, these sites use a trick where they sound like legitimate new sites, but they are actually completely fabricated.

They can influence you make wrong decisions or even change your moods. You should learn on how to identify the fake news. There are different ways you can use. First, you should know the source. Most sources of fake news will like to imitate the domain of well-established news channels online. The first step you need to take is to check the URL of your favorite news channel and know whether the extension offered by the news source is genuine of or someone is trying to impersonate the real news channels.

How to tell if news is fake news

1.Pay attention to the domain and URL

Fake news sources will try as much as possible to imitate legitimate news sources. They will add few characters at the end of the valid URL for it to look as if it is your regular trusted news source. You should visit the site and check out their logos. Most established sites have logos which they display on their sites. You will quickly tell whether news you have received is real or fake after you check out the URL and confirm it with the logo of your regular news source. For example, the domain is among legitimate new sources. But, you will see imitations such as which looks almost similar but the two are not all legitimate new sources. The latter can offer information which has not been verified or even fake in its entirety.

The .CO domain extension belongs to Columbia and is completely unregulated. We know it’s unfair to expect the general public to identify suspicious sources of information based on their domain, but that’s all we can do at the moment to reduce the amount of illegitimate news available on the web.

2. Read the “About Us” section

The about section of news organization will have a lot of information. It will indicate the news outlet mission, its leaders, contributors to the organization news and the missions. The ethics and statement behind the organization are well documented in the abut section. If you know the CEO of a given news organization, then from about section you will easy know whether the news source you are about to rely on and make a decision is legitimate or it is a news source which can affect your decision making due to wrong information. You should as well check different sections of the news source homepage from where you will get to know more about the organization so that you will make the right decision. It is just a matter of being careful and you will avoid the bad effects of fake news which is nowadays being spread on different platforms.

3. Look at the quotes in a story

Most news sources will have multiple sources in their publications. The quote will refer to people who are professionals in the field the news is discussing. If you lack credible sources in the stories you are reading, then you should be careful because the news may be just a fake publication. If the news has a lot of controversies, then you will expect more quotes. You should look for professors or even academicians who will talk about research which they have carried out. If the news is quoting research, then you should proceed and look for the researchers and the actual studies.

4. Check out who said them

All news items should originate from a reliable source. You should check out who said the news you have received and have a quick check about the source. You can do a quick Google search, and you will know the source of the news. Most presidents like Obama have officials who record and archive every statement he makes. If the news is alleging that a given leader has said something, then you should search more and look for the venue where he spoke about the words being reported. The source should indicate clearly the person he was addressing and the time he was making the remarks which have been recorded and are being spread. The original publication should have all the details about a given news source. Even if he was addressing a particular release, the news would be referenced to the individual publication he was addressing. Always avoid believing news which has been spread, and it does not quote any reliable source. In most cases, the prominent leaders will do the interviews with reliable news sources. It is easy for you to verify such news after checking on the official publications.

5. Check the comments

Most fake news is published on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with the aim of attracting more views. The news starts with an exaggerating headline and news body which report exactly different news items from the headline itself. You will quickly know whether the news is genuine or false after you check out what other people are saying about the news. If from comments some people will refer to the news as being fake, then they are probably fake news. The stories will generate mixed comments on Facebook or Twitter. Most people will offer their observations claiming they are fake. If you see such news with lots of comments, try to follow them, if most people claim they are fake, and then they are not worth your time.

6. Reverse image search

The fake news outlets will have beautiful photos. If the news does not have any home or interview, you can do a Google reverse search of the images to know whether they have been picked somewhere on Google only to confuse you. It is easy to do a Google reverse image search, just right-click on the picture and search on Google. The image will be shown on several pages where it is used to report the different news. If you discover such a scenario, then the news is just an exaggeration of the already existing news to give a twist which will include you in a certain way. There are some well-established satire publications; they are clearly labeled as being exaggerated. You should be careful when reading any piece of information online, if it is labeled as being satirical, then you should not take it seriously but read for your entertainment.

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