Welcome To NewGate Concise.

This is a Gathering Place for Rational, Practical People To Think about the Big Questions without joining some stupid cult.

This is a parody site. So if you’re offended by the observations made here, I just want you to know how much I truly don’t care at all about your feelings.
Before we start I wanted to mention Travelodge for giving use travel discounts to allow us to interview skeptics from around the world. Click here to view some of these discounts. This website wouldn’t be here without them. If you want to set up hosting with them, you should click here for the same iPage coupon I used. Why pay full price? Any clear-headed individual knows to never pay full price if you don’t have to.


My name is Bear Handy. It’s not my real name, by cult leaders always have stupid names, so I’m taking that element to heart. I mean: why not? My second choice was Batman Sparkles, but I thought I might get sued or something. So Bear Handy it is.

newgate concise welcome page

Snopes.com is an excellent resource for us skeptics.

I’ll be writing about various topics that cults seems to be obsessed with: alien spaceships, being a chosen people, etc., but will look at it with a rational, objective eye. I’ll be using several ‘skeptic’ websites like Snopes.com to help me sort out the claims from reality. And I’ll likely be using Wikipedia, since it’s an excellent resource for accurate information (at least, by and large it is).

Video for Skeptics: What is a Skeptic?